We, residents, tenants, businesses, community organisations, representatives and community leaders stand united against hate and fear being brought into our suburbs.

Together, we resoundingly condemn the hosting of an event on Monday 4th December that brought hate, vitriol and vilification to our proudly, diverse multicultural suburbs.

We condemn the actions and behaviour of white-nationalist hate groups who abused and vilified local residents through megaphones and intimidated and assaulted local residents in the streets of Kensington & Flemington.

This is not about 'free speech'. People like Milo have ample free speech.

This is about countering hate-speech, violence and its very real impacts upon people in our communities. We are stating that it is unacceptable.

We stand by and support all local residents who were abused, intimidated or affected by the presence of this event. 

We are committed to stand up against racism and hate in our communities.



 Abeselom Nega, CEO, iEmpower

Abby Mag, Community member

Adrienne Farrow, Local resident

Adrienne Walker, Community member

Ahmed Dini, Chair, Australian Somali Football Association

Aksamseddin Baralak, Community member

Alex Banman, Community member

Albert Fung, Local resident

Alice Burgin, Former resident

Alice Good, Local resident

Allyson Hose, CPSU delegate

Amanda Perram, Community member

Anna Connor, Local resident

Anne Pickering, Community member

Annie Chessells, Local resident

Antonela M, Local resident

Antonia Kostarakis, Concerned citizen

Anna Selzer, Local resident

Annette Culley, Community member

Ann Raouf, Community member

Amber Embry, Community member

Amedeo DAprano, Community member

Amelia Taschetto, Local Resident

Andrew Murray, Local resident

Annmarie Dowd, Local resident

Ashley Summers, Local resident

Bec Smith, former Kensington youth worker, now Coordinator Norlane Community Centre

Ben Hjorth, Local resident

Berhan Ahmed, Community leader, African Australian Multicultural Employment Youth Services

Braden Kydd, Local resident

Ben Knight, Past resident

Bethany Davey, Local resident

(Rev.) Bryan Cones, Minister, Christ Church Kensington (Uniting Church/Anglican)

Cam Rowe, Community member

Cat Duffy, Community member  

Cate McNamara, Local resident

Catherine Davis, Local resident

Cathy Oke, Local resident and Councillor, City of Melbourne

Charmaine M, Melbourne resident

Chris Breen, Teacher and community member

Chris Coomber, Local resident

Chris Rocco, Local resident

Chrissie Eilenberg, Concerned citizen

Christine Wood, Local resident

Caitlin Molloy, Past resident

Caitlyn Robertson, Resident/Mother/Local small business manager, Dish And Spoon Melbourne

Cait Storr, Local resident

Carol Espinoza, Local resident

Claire Burrows, Local resident

Claudia Perkins, Local resident

Colleen Bolger, Local resident

Daniel Mathews, Local resident  

Damien Laing, Local resident  

Daniel Astin, Local resident

Davydd Griffiths, Resident and business owner

Derek Lang, Concerned citizen

Dilini Weerasooriya-Kellar, Local resident

David Langsam, Editor and 36 year resident, Biotech Daily

David Harris, activist

Dylan Henry, Local resident

Ed Carson, Community member

Ellen Sandell, State Member for Melbourne

Ellen Waters, Local resident

Elizabeth Bull, Local resident

Elizabeth Walsh, Community member

Em Duncan, Local resident

Emma Fenton, Local resident

Emma Hilton, Local resident

Elizabeth Jones, Local resident

Farah Warsame, Local resident and community worker

Farhiya Mohamed, Local resident

Gabrielle Wagner, Local resident

Hannah Pallot, Local resident

Hollie Griffiths, Local resident

Holly Smith, Local resident

Husk Melbourne, Community group

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Community member

Irene Giannakopoulos, Previous resident, regular visitor

Islamic Council of Victoria

Isobelle Carmody, Friend of local residents

Glenn Osboldstone, community member

Greer Edsall, Local resident

Jacob Andrewartha, Community member

Jacqueline Van heerden, Local resident, Transition Town Kensington

Jade Freeman, Past resident

James Synot,Former resident/concerned citizen

Jane Stiles, Local resident

Jason Coggins, Local resident

Jessica Morrison, Community member

Jessie Rafeld, Doctor and local resident

Jessica Rosien, Local resident

Jessie Rafeld, Doctor, Local resident

Jim Cusack, Moonee Valley City Councillor

Julia Orr, Local resident

Julian Cleary, Works locally, cohealth

Justine McSweeney, Local resident

Jock Mackenzie, Local resident

Jo Foo, Local resident

Jorge Jorquera, Local Soccer Coach

Jon Temby, Local resident

Jordan Peters, Local resident

Kahlani Pyrah, Student

Karen Cosson, Local resident

Karina Newnham, Community member

Kath Lawson, Local resident

Kathy Mcpherson, Community member

Katrina Noela Soucoultanos, Local Resident, Singer & Vocal Coach

Kaz Payne, Community member

Kirsty Mac, Past resident

Koosha Ahmadi, Local resident

L Hayes, Local resident

Laura C, Student

Laura La Rosa, Local resident

Laura Du ve, Local resident

Laurel Baranyai, Works in Kensington

Lauren Redpath, Works in area

Leonie McGannon, Local resident

Lexie Wood, Local resident

Lizzy Page, Local resident

Lyn Bender, Psychologist / Melbournian

Lisa Chan, Local resident

Lizzy Welsh, Local resident

Luke Adams, Local resident

Liam Ward, University lecturer

Lidia Nowak, Local resident

Lilly Lowrey, Community member

Lina Patel, Local resident and business owner

Linda Gale, Local resident

Lindy Banks, Community member

Lyn Morgain, Chief Executive, cohealth

Magella Blinksell, Digital Storytelling/Social History researcher

Mahir Muhammad, Local resident

Maie Gibney, Local resident

Malcolm Wilkie, Concerned citizen

Marcue Curnow, Pastor, Newmarket Baptist Church

Marilyn Beech, citizen

Margaret Rolf, Community member

Matt Firth, Local resident

Margaret Sinclair, Concerned citizen

Mark Coulson,Local resident

Melisa Vazquez, Local resident

Megg Minos, Local resident

Melanie Gibson, Local resident

Moonee Valley Legal Service Inc.

Michael Gibbons, Local resident

Michael Roberts, activist

Morgan Watkins, Local resident

Natasha Nicholson, Local resident

Neil Churches, Local resident and business owner

Nerissa Kamat, Local resident

Nicole Anderson, Local resident

Nina Mizzi, Kensington resident

Nina Vallins,Local resident 

Nahui Jimenez Ludekens, Activist

Nicole Marshall, Councillor, Moonee Valley City Council

Nicole Jesudason, Local resident

Nicky Dobson, Community member

Nik Mclaughlin, Local resident

Nina Mizzi, Local resident

Olena Ostrychenko, Local resident

Oscar Sterner, NUW delegate

Paul Pocock, Community member

Pierrick Hubert, Local resident

Pip Mackey, Education Manager, Farnham St Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Peter B, Radio presenter

Peter Cribb, Past resident

Peter Crowley, Moonee Valley Community Member

Peter Donnellan, Local Resident and Local Lawyer

Penny Moylan, Local resident

Pip Mackey, Education Manager Farnham St Neighbourhood Learning Centre 

Rebecca Smith, Local resident

Rebekah Wallman, Local Resident

Reem Yunis, Teacher

Rennie Chayko, Local resident

Ric Morgan, Local resident

Robyn Williamson, Citizen seed saver

Rohan Leppert, Melbourne City Councillor

Rohan Irvine, Local resident

Ruwani Peiris, Local resident

Ryan Mitchell, Local resident

Sallie Burton, Community member

Samantha Byrne, Deputy Mayor, Moonee Valley City Council

Sanjeewani Pathirage, Local resident

Sarah Cole, Local resident

Sean Pickard, Community member

Severin Karantonis,  Teacher

Sib Hare Breidahl, Community member

Silas Brown, Community member

Simon Campbell, Local resident

Sivan Barak, Communtiy member

Stacey Olsson, Local resident

Stella Butzkueven, Local resident

Sophie Wallace, Local resident

Spiro Fragopoulos, Local resident

Tamar Hopkins, Volunteer Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre

Tanya McConvell, Community member

Tessa Charles, Local resident

Thomas Ryan, Local resident

Thomas Tymms, Community member

Timothy Fish, Community member

Tom Brown, Local resident

Tom Fiebig, Community member

Tom Cameron, Local resident

Tonye Segbedzi, Local resident

Tracey Hubert, Local resident

Tracie Aylmer, Human rights advocate

Vanessa Crichton, Local resident

Victoria English, Local resident

Viola Wilkins, Community member

Vivek Thomas, Community member

Yasmin Nebenfuhr, Local resident

Y Rodgers, Local resident

Zoe Eakins, Local resident

Ada Conroy, Community member

Adam Bandt, Federal Member for Melbourne

Adam Ford, Past Council Candidate

Ahmed Faid, Admin clerk

Alex Kakafikas, Local resident

Alex Steele, Victorian resident

Alicia Merrick, Local resident

Aidan Johnson, Local resident

Alana Nicholson, Local resident

Alice McDonald, Local resident

Alicia Hambleton, Local resident

Amelia Eddy, Local Resident

Amelia Lester, Local resident

Amalie Tibbits, Local resident

Andy Sinclair, Community development worker

Angelina La Riccia, Local resident

Anthony Kelly, Executive Officer, Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre

Annabel Bradlow, Local resident

Anna Bornemisza, Local resident

Anna Martin, Local resident

Andrew Martin, Stevedore, Maritime Union of Australia

Anthony Brinton, Community member

Ash Keller, Community member

Ashleigh Casburn, Local resident

Autumn Royal, Past resident

Bernedette Bonanno, Community member

Benjamin Brown, Local resident

Benjamin W, Community member

Bianca Atkins, Concerned citizen

Bin Dixon-Ward, Local resident

Bree Taylor, Community member

Briony Galligan, Local resident

Cameron Moon,

Cathy Lewis, Local resident

Caitlin Nunn, Refugee youth resettlement researcher, Durham university

Caroline Ton, Local resident

Cathy Butcher, Local resident

Cathy Connop, Centre Manager Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Carol Harris, Community member

Carolyn Webster, Manager, Kensington Neighbourhood House

Cathryn Curnow, Human Rights Advocate

Cecilia Mansilla, Local resident and EAL teacher, Farnham St Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Celestine Wilson, Local resident

Claire Akhbari, Community member

Claire Hjorth Watson, Social worker and local resident

Claudia Diaz, Teacher at Farnham St Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Channa Wickremesekera, Community member

Charlotte Zarber, Community member

Cheryl Kaulfuss, Moonee Valley resident

Christina C, Local resident

Chris McInally, Witness

Chris di Pasquale, activist

Christine McCall, Local resident

Christine Mitchell, Local resident

Clare Heasly, Local resident

Daniel Dadich, Community member

Danielle Bryan, Local Resident/mother/business owner, Run Like A Girl Australia

Daniel Roach, Local resident

Dan Younger, Community member

Debbie Brennan, Radical Women Organiser

Deidre Bullen, Local resident

Dor Orgad, Local resident

Eamon Gough, Former resident

Ela Edwards, Local resident

Elizabeth Gay, Local resident

Elizabeth Howes, , Local resident

Ellee Ann, Flemington

Ellie Levi, Community member

Ellen Rowatt, Registered Nurse

Emilia Mégroz, Community member

Emily Hooper, Local resident

Erin Eades, Local resident and Secretary of Flemington Association

Erin White, Local resident

Eva Staples, Local resident

Eve Binnie, Local resident

Fionn Heeran, Community member

Fleur Taylor, Local resident

Frances La Riccia, Local resident

Francesca Lami, Local resident

Frankie Goodwin, Community member

Gaye Demanuele, Community member

Glenn Boyd, Community member

Heather Dalton, Local resident

Heather Turland, Local resident

Heidi Edwards, Local resident

Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne

Isobelle Carmody, Friends of local residents

Izzy W, Local resident

Jacqui Cusack, Local resident

James Beckley, Local resident

James Binkley, Concerned citizen

Jane Whelan, Local resident

Janine Forbes-Rolfe, Local resident

Jason Rostant, Community advocate, Jason Rostant Consulting

Jay Ayerson, Concerned citizen

Jay Maharaj, Community member

Jeannie Zakharov, Local resident

Jennifer Kanis, Local resident, former State ALP Member for Melbourne

Jenny Pitts, Local resident

Jodie Dybing, Local resident

John Dickie, Local Resident, Committee Member, Flemington Association

Joel Marlan-Tribe, Local resident

Joesephine Byrt, Kensington Town Hall

Jo Crozier, Community member

Jordan Peters, Local resident

Jill Horton, Humanitarian

Juan Munoz, Resident

Judy Hellier, Local resident

Julie Porter, Local resident

Kath Larkin, RTBU Delegate

Kath Lockett, Local resident

Karoline Morwitzer, Resident

Karyn Anderson, Local resident

Kemu Qoroya, Local resident

Kerry B, Local resident

Keryn Madsen, Local resident

Kim Hellard, 5th generation resident

Kirsten Campbell, Local resident

Kirsten Tona, Anti-racist campaigner

Kris Angelopoulos, Local resident

Lachlan Marshall, Disability instructor

Lainie Lane, worked in the community

Laura Murray, Local resident

Leanne Weber, Associate Professor of Criminology, Monash University

Leila Nia, Community member

Liam Borelli, Local resident

Liz Indrans, Local resident

Liz Ross, Community member

Lorraine Curtis, Humanitarian

Lucy G, Local resident

Lucy Honan, AEU State Councillor

Mahir Muhammad, Flemington Estate Residents Committee

Mandy Griffiths, Local resident

Manolya Moustafa, Highschool Teacher

Madison Garratt, Local resident

Maddie Tan, Local resident

Mara McSweeney, Local resident

Mark Petlock, Local resident

Matt Laidlaw, Local resident

Megan B. Local resident

Melanie Adamo, Local resident

Melissa Whelan, Local resident

Mel Keomany, Local resident

Meron Slattery, Local resident

Mishelle Predika, Local worker, City of Melbourne

Mohamed Mohideen, President, Islamic Council of Victoria

Mukhtar Mohammed, Works in the community

Natalie J. Russell, Resident

Nathan Corcoran, Local resident

Niall Arrigan, Local resident

Nick Devereux, Local resident

Nicola Sanderson, Local resident

Nicholas Wynne, Friends of residents

Nilanthi Kanapathipillai, Doctor, Community member

Oli Levo, Local resident

Olivia Jansz, Local resident

Olivia Salinger, Community member

Oskar Holocene, Community member

Pamela Twine, Local resident

Patricia Montagne Longue, Local resident

Patrick Emerton, Law lecturer and inner city resident

Paul DM, anti-racist activist

Peter Crowley, Community member

Peter Donnellan, Lawyer and local resident

Peter Rice, concerned citizen

Petra Blagojevic, Violence Prevention Workshop Facilitator

P Reiner, Community member

Priya K, Local resident

Rachel Abela, Local resident

Ramsay Smith, Resident

Rebecca David, Citizen

Rebecca Kelly, Concerned citizen

Rebecca Sharrock, Local resident

Rimi Khan, Academic and Melbourne resident

Riki Lane, Community member, Workers Liberty

Robbie Fordyce, Teacher and local resident

Rob McLeod, Local resident

Robert Stainsby, Former resident

Sam Bisas, Local resident

Sam Crisp, Local resident

Sandra Bloodworth, Community member

Stevana Lee, Local resident

Sarah Colman, Local resident

Sara Fernandez, Local resident

Sarah Kouw, Local resident

Sary Zananiri, Local resident

Shadia Mohamed Aly, Chairperson, Eritrean Young Mothers Group

Sharon Kelleher, Local resident

Sivan Barak, Local resident  

Sofia Monkiewicz, Local resident

Stephanie Stribley. Resident

Steve Rice, Former resident of ten years

Sue Bolton, Councilor, City of Moreland

Sumaiya Muyeen, Local resident

Suzanne Adams, Local resident

Symon Smith, Transit through - Witness

Tariq Smith, Past resident

Tarquin Mc Kinnon, Community member

Tasnim Sammak, Student

Telmo Gomes, Local resident

Tobias Taylor,Embarrassed Melbournian

Van Rudd, Visual Artist and Social Justice activist

Vanessa Born, Community member

Vas Fengaripedi, Local resident

Vashti Kenway, Community member

Wafa Abdalla, Local resident

Warwick Dawson, Pharmacist / partner_works in Flemington

Yvette Petersen, Local resident

Zam Zam Aden, Referral and Placement Officer / Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Melbourne Employment Forum

Zane Alcorn, Community member

Zero Scar, Local resident and shop owner


Sign-on for this open letter has now closed.  Thanks to the more than 450 individuals, businesses, Councilors, local members, representatives and community groups who contributed.  (Note: more names are still to be added)

This Open Letter will be provided in print form to the City of Moonee Valley and the City of Melbourne to be tabled and added to the public record.

 Moonee Valley Leader, 13 December 2017

Moonee Valley Leader, 13 December 2017